Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation Services

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation is your local water management expert in pumping, irrigation, filtration, plumbing, drainage and gas fitting. We offer our customers highly personalised, professional, friendly and expert services.

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation is locally owned and operated. We know our local conditions and deliver advice and solutions backed by industry-leading products, solutions and after-sales services across all areas of water management.

We employ a team of highly skilled people, all dedicated to our customers projects large or small – from projects for farm owners and operators with large pivot irrigators to Mum and Dad projects with a small pump on a tank or solar water pumps for stock watering.

No project is too big or too small.

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation is based in on the Bunya Highway in Murgon and services the South Burnett region of Queensland. Our region is well known for peanuts, dairy farming, beef and cattle production, lucerne, grain cropping, broadacre agriculture, horticulture and viticulture.

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation takes pride in providing quality customer service and attention to detail, ensuring that we do a great jog the first time. While our business provides a wide range of services and products our focus is on:

  • Agricultural Pumping & Irrigation
  • Pivots (Centre, Lateral), Reel, Travelling & Boom Irrigators
  • Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal
  • Water Supply, Filtration, Storage Solutions
  • Bore Flow Testing & Bore Equipping
  • Stock Watering, Tanks & Troughs
  • Pumps, Pressure & Booster Systems, Solar Water Pumping
  • Irrigation Equipment, Systems, Parts & Accessories
  • Plumbing, Drainage & Gas Fitting Services
  • Irrigation & Plumbing Supplies, Pipe, Parts & Accessories
  • Installations, Maintenance, Repair & Service
  • Extensive Retail Shop & Services for Pro & DIY
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals & Supplies
  • In-House Workshop & On-Site Services
Ackinclose Plumbing

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation Solutions

Our customers rely on our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff to get the most efficient water management solutions available. Because we live in and know our local conditions, Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation provides you with advice, products and solutions that are suited to our region and local conditions. From large-scale projects to our extensive retail offerings, you'll find access to Australia's leading brands and products plus that all-important back-up service.

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation
Services at a Glance

Since 2002, Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation has delivered industry-leading water management products & solutions across these main service areas:

Irrigation Solutions & Services

From large-scale agricultural irrigation projects to on-farm stock watering and remote monitoring solutions

  • Irrigation
  • Irrigation Sytem Design & Scheduling
  • Pivot (Centree & Lateral), Reel, Travelling & Boom Irrigators
  • Drip, Spray & Micro Irrigation
  • Remote Sensing & Monitoring
  • Pumps & Pumping Systems
  • Water Supply, Transfer, Distribution & Storage
  • Filtration
  • Stock Watering Tanks & Troughs
  • Water Quality
    Testing & Analysis
  • Borehole Testing - Bore Flow Testing & Measurement
  • Bore Equipping
  • Solar Water Pumping & Transfer Solutions
  • Remote Sensing, Monitoring & Control Solutions

Pumps, Solar Pumping, Remote & More

We're the local regional specialists in pumping, solar pumping, & remote monitoring

  • Pumps & Pumping Systems
  • Pressure & Booster Systems
  • Solar Water Pumping Solutions
  • Controllers, Regulators, Timers & Scheduling
  • Sprinklers & Nozzles
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture, On-Farm, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal
  • Parts, Spares & Accessories
  • Water Supply
  • Remote Sensing, Monitoring, Controllers
  • Bushfire & Fire Protection, Firefighting Pumps, Equipment & Accessories
  • Filtration Equipment & Systems

Retail Shop, Plumbing & Specialty Services

You'll find plumbing, drainage & gas fitting services & Australia's leading brands & products

  • Plumbing, Drainage & Gas Fitting Services
  • Extensive Retail
  • Systems, Parts, Spares & Accessories
  • Water Quality
    Testing & Analysis
  • Pump Sales, Repairs
    Installation, Parts
  • Firefighting Pumps, Fire Protection Equipment & Systems
  • Pipe, Hose, Fittings, Connectors & Accessories (Hard Hose, Layflat, PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, GalMal, Iron Ductile)
  • Sprinklers, Controllers, Timers, Systems, Parts, Accessories
  • Water Tanks, Storage Systems< Tanks & Troughs
  • Valves, Flanges, Gaskets
  • In-House & On-Site Testing, Repairs & Maintenance
  • Pressure Tanks
    & Systems

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation

• Irrigation Systems & Services • Pumps & Pumping Services • Solar Water Pumps • Plumbing Products & Services • Drainage Products & Services • Tanks & Troughs • Installations, Maintenance & Repairs • In-House & On-Site Services • Member of Irrigear® Independent Experts

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation