Irrigation Solutions & Services

Irrigation Solutions & Services

Irrigation Solutions & Services

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Water Delivered Where & When It Counts.

Need Solutions? Think Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation. With rising costs of water and energy, it pays to find out how you can save time and money by maximising the efficiency of your irrigation and on-farm needs.

Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation knows the importance of water - wherever and whenever it is needed. Whether for crops or stock watering, we can provide advice, equipment and technologies in pumping, irrigation, pressure, filtration, storage, monitoring, scheduling and control to ensure your water supply. From large-scale lateral pivot installations with advanced pumping, filtration and distribution requirements – to a small but critical solar pumping installation for stock watering in a remote location – we know each project is important.

Irrigators - Putting Water Where It Counts
Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation is leading Zimmatic™ and Trailco® dealer, so we can supply, install and maintain a wide range of pivot (centre & lateral), travelling, reel, boom and big gun irrigators. We also offer a range on on-site and in-store services inlucing testing and repairs - employing a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing quality irrigation solutions throughout the year, season after season.

Water Delivered When & Where You Need It
Beyond irrigators, we can supply and service a wide range of irrigation systems and equipment - including solid set, drip and micro irrigation equipment. Whatever your requirement - from stock watering and reticulation systems, bore testing and remediation, storage tanks, troughs and drinkers – you'll find what you need at Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation.

Technology At Work
At Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation you'll also find the latest proven technologies to make sure you get the most from every drop. Solar water pumping solutions, remote sensing, monitoring and controllers; equipment, products and solutions from leading names in water management. 

We appreciate the investment you've made in your irrigation and pumping equipment – and the value of ensuring that your equipment performs at its peak and is maintained properly to extend its operational life and optimised performance and running costs.

We're also a member of Irrigear® Australia's leading network of water management experts which means  Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation has access to the best products and knowledge network in the industry and keeps up to date in the latest developments in water management.

  • Australia's Leading Brands & Products
  • Local Advice & Expertise
  • Latest Solutions - Saving Water, Energy Costs & Time
  • Solar Pumping Systems & Equipment
  • Water Supply, Storage & Transfer
  • Bore Flow Testing & Bore Equipping
  • Agricultural, Broadacre, Horticultural, Viticultural Solutions
  • Irrigators - Pivot (Centre & Lateral), Travelling, Reel, Boom & Big Gun Irrigators
  • Zimmatic ™ Pivot & Lateral Irrigators, Trailco® Traveller® & Trailco Polyreel Irrigators
  • Solid Set, Drip, Mini and Micro Irrigation
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Design, Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • Stock Watering Reticulation Solutions
  • Storage & Distribution
  • Custom Installations & Fabrications
  • Full Range of On-site Services
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