Trailco® Irrigation

Trailco® Irrigation

You'll find a range of Trailco® irrigation products at Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation.

Trailco Irrigation is a Queensland family owned and operated business and has been active in travelling irrigator manufacture since 1969 through its manufacturing facility (Combined Engineering) and marketing its product under its own name as Trailco Traveller® since 1976.

Today Trailco Irrigation offers a wide range of quality Trailco Travellers®, Trailco Polyreels® and other specialised irrigation equipment including booms and pipe fittings.jAd

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The original range of soft hose piston powered Trailco Travellers has been continually improved and upgraded over the years sometimes in small detail and in others changes so major that it necessitates a new model release identified by a suffix appended to its basic model designation. The piston powered range has been augmented by a complementary range of machines powered by our water turbine which better suits some applications.

  • Trailco Traveller®
  • Trailco Polyreel®
  • Trailco® Boom Travellers
  • Trailco® TCS20 Camdrive Irrigator
  • Trailco® Pipe Fittings - Galvanised & Aluminium
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Trailco Irrigation

Trailco Irrigation has been manufacturing and delivering a range of quality irrigation equipment. 

  • Extreme Versatility
  • Low Labour Requirement
  • Portable
  • Excellent Water Uniformity
  • Easy to Use
  • Long Life
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia
Trailco® Irrigation

Travellers, Polyreels & More.

Trailco® offers a range of travelling, polyreel, boom and specialist pipe fittings suitable for a wide range of irrigation applications.


Talk to the team at Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation to find out more about Trailco Irrigation products, systems and solutions that are right for your next project.



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