Lindsay Corporation

Lindsay Corporation

You'll find a range of Zimmatic™ Pivot and Lateral Irrigators at Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation.

Based in Omaha Nebraska, Lindsay™ Corporation is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of centre pivot and lateral irrigation systems. Since 1955, Lindsay has been at the forefront of research and the development of products and services designed to meet the needs of a constantly evolving world.

Zimmatic™ by Lindsay centre pivot and lateral irrigators are designed for both small and large fields. Their modular design allows for custom configuration of longer systems to save system cost as well as special heights for taller crops such as sugar cane or tree crops. Each pivot is designed for your specific climatic, topographical and cropping conditions.

Zimmatic centre pivot and lateral irrigators offer agricultural irrigation systems with field-tested reliability – reducing downtime, using industry-leading technology, and providing the durability you need to grow your operation for years to come.

Locally source and buy Zimmatic products, systems and solutions from the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management. Ackinclose Plumbing & Irrigation:

  • Zimmatic™ Pivot & Lateral Irrigators
  • Remote Irrigation Management
  • Plug & Play Add-Ons
  • Custom Pumping & Filtration Solutions
  • Planning & Design
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The Lindsay™ Advantage

The Lindsay Advantage means that you benefit from durable, rugged, easy to use integrated systems from the broadest line on the market – all with the ultimate goal of making your operation more profitable. With so many choices and options, Zimmatic by Lindsay can customise a unique system that maximises time, labor, energy and water savings for your individual needs.

  • Durable
  • Rugged
  • Easy to Use
  • Integrated Technologies
  • Broadest Line of Solutions
Lindsay Corporation

Zimmatic™ by Lindsay Pivot & Lateral Irrigators

Lindsay™ Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of irrigation systems designed for both small and large field applications. Zimmatic™ by Lindsay Pivot and Lateral Irrigators are designed for both small and large field applications and are highly  regarded for their durability, ease-of-use and modularity.


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